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  Never had the opportunity to do an escape room before?  We recommend Pirate Cove Escape for first timers.  The difficulty for Pirate Cove is a 7 out of 10 difficulty.  Baker Street Five is listed as an 8 out of 10 difficulty.  Whichever room you pick you will have a great memory to share for years to come! 



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We are located @ 801 North 1st street Grand Junction CO.

The cost is $27 per adult.  Kids 12 and under must have a paying adult in the room with them.

Please arrive 15 minutes early.

We offer group discounts for parties of 20 or more people.  Please contact us for more information.


Our escape rooms are NOT SCARY or claustrophobic and the doors are not locked.  They are a fun activity for adults and teenagers.

Escape rooms are a fun and challenging activity for a group of friends, family or co-workers.  You have 60 minutes to solve all of the puzzles using clues you find in the room to escape. Escape rooms give you an opportunity to unplug from technology, your busy life, hectic schedule and enjoy the people around you.  Immerse yourself in an escape room and you will make a wonderful memory to share for years to come with the people you enjoy most. Please venture out of the ordinary and book your escape with us.

We love reviews. Thank you so much to all of our wonderful customers who have taken the time to review us!

These folks are great hosts and lot's of fun! My wife and I had never done an escape room and it was a blast. Thank you Danielle and Jeff!!Mitchell Services 4218December 4, 2022
I probably just had my best experience at an escape room ever! The Baker's Street Five game was super fun, with lots of delightful surprises. The owners were warm and kind, and I can't wait to go back! They also made the birthday we were celebrating EXTRA FUN! They mentioned they're working on a new game with dragons! 🙂 You can't beat that!Julie NoyesNovember 14, 2022
Had a great time at Solve It Escape Games! Loved the atmosphere of the room and the puzzles itself were extremely fun to piece together. Jeff and Danielle were so kind and welcoming, we will definitely be returning!!!! It was my husband's birthday and at the end of the game we were surprised with cupcakes and a card, it was a wonderful touch!!!!! Thank y'all so much and many blessings to you two as well!💛Marisca WiseOctober 30, 2022
AMAZING!!! came here with my friends for my birthday. We were running late from dinner and the owners were amazing and waited for out last person to get there before starting. The room was unbelievable and very well curated. The owners makes sure, no matter the level of gamer, you'r able to enjoy your time and make it through the room. The owners also included a special touch because it was for my birthday, that was above and beyond, as well a surprise. If your looking to go out and have a good time and support PLEASE book here. They even gave us a sneak peek of a different room, which looked equally amazing.Bella CSOctober 26, 2022
Our group of friends had a great time here. There were plenty of puzzles and it was challenging enough that we had to ask for hints a couple of times. Time went by fast!Rachel YoderOctober 23, 2022
Being in a wheelchair you never know how things will work out. Surprisingly I was able to see and interact with most of it. The owners are a wonderful hosts!!! Lots of fun well worth it.Penny PennSeptember 26, 2022
Highly recommend this for a great night out with friends. The clues were well thought out and the owner offered just enough hints to keep us moving in the right direction. We will be going back to do the other room.Shawna AllenSeptember 18, 2022
This place is the bomb. Both rooms are a blast and the owners are amazing people. I’ve been to escape rooms where the puzzles are a mess and beyond difficult to solve. These rooms have been very well planned, they flow nicely, but still offer a good challenge! I hope they grow bigger and can offer more rooms in the future!!Megan FrandsenSeptember 17, 2022
It was out first time..we loved it. We want to explore more escape rooms now..Lisa MartinAugust 21, 2022
Had a great time! We went for my birthday and they were very kind and had a little birthday surprise for me. Highly recommend. Very beginner friendly!Yasmine McGinnisAugust 20, 2022
My husband and I had a great experience here doing both rooms. Theming was excellent and clues are unlimited, which is something we really appreciate when doing rooms. Puzzles were clever and varied. The owners took the time to talk with us about the rooms after we completed them, as well as just about escape rooms in general, which we really enjoyed. When a new room opens here, we will definitely be back.Vanessa MJuly 31, 2022
This was such an awesome experience! Everything was super interactive, and intelligently laid out. Lots of great details, and hidden things that are so fun to discover. I would highly recommend checking this place out, it’ll certainly work your brain!Ethan UnverferthJuly 9, 2022
We had a great time even though we were really bad at it...lol. I want to go back and do the other rooms. The Owners are awesome and really do a bang up job. I highly reccommend having a group of people. We had 8 people and we never stop laughing at ourselves.Jackie SavageJune 26, 2022
What a fun evening! The hosts were EXCELLENT! They gave us clues when we needed them. We didn't get to finish on time, but the hosts helped us finish and find the treasure at the end.Val SeminterJune 22, 2022
So much fun and very creative rooms! Left the most special treasure for my birthday at the end.Kat the Derp OneMay 29, 2022
Brandon StewartMay 29, 2022
So much fun. Going againBrandy VetterApril 24, 2022
We had an AMAZING time here at these escape rooms! I cannot give out too many details but I would encourage all to go! It's a group event but it's fun!LaShawn PetersonApril 19, 2022
Absolutely one of the funnest things we have ever done! Family had a great time! Staff was so friendly and helpful! We are talking about our next trip there! I highly recommend doing this!Bill JarominApril 10, 2022
A lot of fun. I can't wait to do it againLisa CrimFebruary 23, 2022
I’ve never done an escape room and was actually not looking forward to this. However my groups experience totally turned me around, really fun. The owner was so nice and helped us celebrate my friends birthday. We did the Sherlock Holmes room and enjoyed it a lot, finished with 5 minutes to spare!Malory RosenbaumFebruary 20, 2022
It was so much fun and staff was super nice. Everything was really well crafted and put togetherAdrianna JacobsenFebruary 15, 2022
Did the Baker Street room and had such a blast! I’ve done multiple escape rooms in the past but this one had fun new elements I hadn’t experienced anywhere else and the owner was so friendly and helpful. Definitely recommend!Brandy HestermanFebruary 14, 2022
Wonderful experience! The Pirate cove escape room was a beginner room but it was challenging. My son wanted to try it out for his 10th birthday and it was awesome. The clues and brain teasers were really good at keeping the kids motivated. The one hour went by quick but we managed to get to the final challenge just as time ran out. Solve It Escape Games host was super nice and fun! I recommend trying it out with family and friends!Larry GriffisJanuary 10, 2022
Such a fun way to enjoy some quality time together! Great puzzles and tricky clues kept us using our brains and enjoying ourselves for every second of our time. Jeff was an awesome host and we really enjoyed his passion for the business and attention to detail. The entire experience was meticulously planned and beautifully executed to give us a wonderful, different, fun date night! We will DEFINITELY be back! Highly recommend!Kerri HaagDecember 31, 2021
Went 12/6/21, Baker Street Room Premises: Everything was clean, simple, obviously some care was taken to create a fun 'entry' experience. The entry, foyer, all of it was nicely setup and welcoming. The Game - Baker Street Room - (no spoilers!): Intro to the game was primarily via a short video clip, then the puzzles started before even getting into the room! Room itself was spread out, easily accommodated our party of six people. Nothing was broken, everything was in good repair, nicely detailed. VERY few red hearings or rabbit trails, no wasted time spent with pointless tasks that didn't progress the room completion. 90% of the puzzles themselves were straightforward assuming you put your mind to the task. 10% of the puzzles were a touch finicky, however the owner was happy to help with clues. The clues were VERY specific to our puzzle - it was VERY obvious he was closely following our progression - no 'arm chair with a cell phone' game masters here! Few actual combination / directional locks - this was not a 'lock to lock to lock to lock' style escape room, there were MANY styles of puzzles involving colors, mechanical items, observation puzzles, etc, etc. VERY fun to play, always different, solving puzzles felt rewarding! Conclusion: It was obvious the owners cared about this business - they were very welcoming, paid close attention to our progression throughout the room, even had a very fun 'hidden' birthday surprise included - they went above and beyond. The room was more on the 'budget' side of things, but the care, attention to detail, the clues, the mechanics were all far above average - THIS is a great business, highly recommend the Baker St room, you won't regret choosing 'Solve It' Escape Games!Brian WardDecember 6, 2021
Great fun...Great staffKen McElfreshNovember 9, 2021
These folks sure put a lot of heart into these rooms they create!!! What a great experience again!!! Well played!!!!Jacob DavisNovember 8, 2021
This place is so much fun, we had a great time.Cleaning Masters (Mr. Clean)November 4, 2021
Thank you both for the wonderful 🎂 surprise. What a fun way to spend an evening.Barbara LaffertyOctober 24, 2021
So much fun. And not a breeze either. It's worth every cent. Thank you.Kathy GerlockOctober 5, 2021
So much fun. Very challengingjane hillSeptember 23, 2021
The owners are so kind and thoughtful! They have such a love for what they do and they make sure you love it too. I was celebrating my birthday and they left the sweetest surprise. I 100 % recommend going here. You’ll have a blast!! Their prices are great and worth every penny!Dixie RheaSeptember 18, 2021
Michelle FulgenziSeptember 18, 2021
So much fun! The best escape room experience in Junction!Misty SwallowSeptember 1, 2021
This couple are Awesome! I had my son’s 13th birthday there and they made it extra special! They are super nice and very friendly. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND them! Can’t wait to go back and try their other rooms and tell people about it. Thank you guys!Faye TAugust 31, 2021
Alejandro ArellanoAugust 12, 2021
Ed ZimmermanJuly 23, 2021
What a great experience! We reserved the Baker's Street Five. Easy parking out front. We were greeted by the gamemaster/owner when we arrived who was super nice. The room was done very well! It had the most mechanical switches and locks I've ever seen. Really added to the experience. There were a lot of puzzles to solve so we were busy the entire time. The GM did a good job keeping us on track but we still didn't make it. It was a challenging room for sure. We chatted with the owners after and you can tell they are passionate about escape rooms and it shows in their rooms. If we lived here we would be coming back! Thanks again!abiracmdJuly 20, 2021
We had so much fun doing the Pirates cove room. Our games master was so incredible and kind and it definitely made it more fun. The room was challenging without being impossible and all in all it was a blast.Tori LampertJuly 18, 2021
This room was so much fun! We didn't escape but were SO CLOSE! as escape room veterans, we had a blast and were definitely challenged. I think this room (Bakers Street Five) is doable for all experience levels and fun for all! The owners...and I can't express this enough... were WONDERFUL people. We stayed and talked to them for about half an hour after the room. We were clear we didn't want any hints prior to starting the room and they were very respectful of that. I really wish we had more time in town so we could try their other room. What a great operation they are running! Highly recommend, try them out! You won't be disappointed. 🙂Pam AbiJuly 14, 2021
What a wonderful time we had at Solve It escape games. We were greeted by one of the owners and immediately felt welcomed. The room was amazing with the different props and puzzles. The “ all knowing voice “ as we called it, gave tips to keep us heading in the right direction without giving too much away. We didn’t finish in the hour. It went so fast. Our son and grandkids loved it. We had fun re- thinking the clues over dinner. At the end we were delighted to have help to solve so that the birthday message and cupcakes were revealed. What a delight for team Maggie! The Smooth Bucket Gang highly recommends Solve It Escape Games. We will be back!J KellyJune 14, 2021
FRIST TIME EVER ALL WE ALL LOVED ITjoseph muldoonMay 30, 2021
Had a great time.Judy HarrisApril 26, 2021
This place is amazing. It was our groups first time and they made it truly unforgettable. Every step was another mystery just difficult enough to make you think but never frustrating. They even had a cupcake surprise with a personalized, signed birthday card at the end for a truly wonderful escape memory. We will be back for every new room and highly recommend you check it out.Chantel TillApril 11, 2021
We experienced this for a birthday celebration. One room had a pirate theme and the other was more of a whodunnit. We all - ages 10 to 46 - had a great time! The owners were so helpful and the “tricks” for escape were incredibly clever. We had more than one “Ah ha!” moment. I’d definitely recommend this adventure!JJ VealeApril 6, 2021
Took the whole family and had a great time. Everybody was able to participate, it made us have to work together through fun and interesting puzzles. The owners were great, and we had a blast talking with them about the room and experience. Looking forward to trying the other room soon!Scott FergusonMarch 27, 2021
Becca FergusonMarch 27, 2021
Loved it!Esther DyerFebruary 14, 2021
Lots of fun. Very trivial.Cheyenne WardFebruary 12, 2021

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What is an Escape Room? You and your group you have sixty minutes to solve all of the puzzles using clues you find in the room and “escape” the room. It’s a great team building exercise and a fun activity for families. It’s an experience that you won’t forget.  It’s a great idea for families with older children or a group of friends.  You have to use your problem skills, work as a team all while having fun and making memories.

              Pirate Cove Escape- Difficulty 7 out of 10 (Recommended for first timers)

Solve It Escape Games Pirate Cove Escape

Pirate Cove Escape Solve It Escape Games

Do you have the courage, ingenuity and problem solving skills to beat Morgan Jackson at his own game?  Will you overcome the tremendous odds to discover the hidden treasure on William Shackelton’s ghost ship?  For more information Our Escape Rooms

Baker’s Street Five – Difficulty 8 out 10

Solve It Escape Games Baker Street Five

Solve It Escape Games Baker Street Five

Will you overcome the obstacles and outsmart a notorious gang of thugs?  Is it your destiny to become the greatest detective in Victorian London?  For more information Click Here Our Escape Rooms